Season 2 had a few bugs... but our team worked hard and fixed them all, or.. most of them!
Other than that, we moved to..

Other than that, we moved to a new node! This means no more lag spikes, Woohoo! The perfomance of the server is upgraded, meaning that everything will run smoothly now, and we can fully support 120 or more players being online at the same time without issues! And that's not all, RebaCrafter's! We would like to introduce you our brand new website design and forums, that will be fully functional in the near future, meaning that everything will be organized and sorted! Also, we are glad to announce that we are hiring YouTubers! (200 Subscribers Minimum). If you are interested, visit our forums and create a YouTuber Application! If you are accepted, you get a fancy rank with exclusive kits and permissions! Lastly, we are looking for advertisers to advertise the server for us, for the prize of a rank !

Thank you everyone for supporting us, we are working everyday to improve the server even more!

Owner and Founder of RebaCraft.